ink : -Endless Pain Tattoos- Guya – Exclusive @ Skin Fair

hair : Stealthic – Jealousy – Stealthic

bottoms : Blueberry – Mia – Blueberry

necklace : [ kunst ] – Christoph necklace – Kunst

ring : [CX] Horny Skull Ring

pose : L y r i u m – F l a r e P a c k [bento] – Lyrium (MP)

2 thoughts on “canvas

  1. So yeah.. believe it or not, I’m shy as well and on top of that, awkward when interacting with new people. So, with that said: Your blog rocks. An inspiration (I just started over so mine is very much WIP). Thank you for your ‘whereigotthatstuff’ and for the much needed inspiration for a make over im trying to give myself!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much for such a kind comment ♥ there’s nothing worse than being shy and feeling awkward with new people, it sucks ass i know lol ☺ i’m truly glad you like my blog (though admittedly i am always looking at it and wondering if i should change this or that lol) and i can’t wait to watch yours become just how You want it to be ♥


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