about me


so i’m pretty shy but i’m giving this a go so be patient with me if you happen to have found this page lol.

ok so if i am really honest, i have to admit that i am extremely shy, so if i bump into you inworld feel free to say hi, just don’t expect me to make the first move in a conversation lol ♥

i’m from the UK, very laid back, frank and to the point by nature, and i chill by taking pics in SL.

i have 16 tattoos in rl and several piercings. i am currently working up to completing my first half sleeve, so that might explain my constant obsession with tattoos in sl =)

i find myself constantly browsing everyone’s awesome pics in Flickr and half the time wishing i knew where i could find an item or two. and so, just in case the odd person wants to know where i got something in one of my pics, i created this space to list stuff =)

anyway, i hope this helps someone somehow somewhere along the line lol

♥ angell / j

(angell starflare/ angell halostar inworld)